Rebecca Hartka

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...The best and most wonderful part of all this is that Hartka "gets it"—all of it. Yet she manages to do so without ever stealing the glory from the music..indeed the joy of the CD is that, from start to finish, we're hardly aware of a cello and a cellist—or a piano and a pianist—as such. Rather, we're in direct touch with the soul of the music throughout.

- Joseph Marcello The Greenfield Recorder

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More about Folkfire:

...(Hartka) emotes a passion worthy of a symphony orchestra

Hartka evokes the natural world in the hidden intricacies of folk song refrains...

...Lulls the listener into the type of trance one might enter while watching the sun rise over a misty foliage-filled New England morning.

- Adrienne Berard, Daily Hampshire Gazette

"Nana" a spare study in loneliness allows a clear view of Hartka's special gifts: a restrained intensity and a passion for precision that never imposes itself upon he music, or succumbs to the temptation to show off...

...The atmosphere is charged with risk and devil-may-care insouciance, the colors vermilions and blacks...

...all misty cloud covered longing, the deeply ardent English soul singing it's love songs to nature in wraps, under the dignity of great restraint and nobility. Yet, through all of its tender restraint, you want nothing but to weep

...Asturiana is a dark-voiced lament, exquisitely rendered by Hartka...

- Joseph Marcello, The Greenfield Recorder

The whole CD is one hour long but longer in after-image in sound and quiet. There's a generosity of spirit in all the performances — it invites us in and then sets us free.

- Patrice Maynard Renewal Magazine