Can I really do it all?

So I should warn you-this is not going to be a happy watch me fly kind of posting because today I am running around like a chicken with my head caught off trying to manage the millions of aspects of being a musician, performer, professor, record label, entrepreneur etc etc. After spending all morning on teh phone trying to figure out if mechanical rights need to be gotten for specific editions of a work, or just the original work, and then through some convoluted channel finally getting a human being on the phone. Applying for mechanical rights, fund raise, plan concerts, plan classes, order music, update my website, arrange lessons, teach lessons, send thank-yous for contributions and yes, write this blog, I suddenly realized that I could do this all day and NEVER play one note of the cello. So I sat down to practice and my mind was racing…thinking, “how great is this movement REALLY, maybe I should cut it, that is five minutes less, which means $91 less from my budget for mechanical rights, but then again, maybe I could raise that money since I have those friends back in Boston……. Then my over fed holiday belly starts hollering at me because I ate a FULL hour ago and have not had a cookie in a whole week, and my dog is looking at me, wondering when we will get that walk I promised her, my husband is pacing because he has been sick all week and wants to go to his studio. And I have now gotten approximately 15 minutes of cello under my fingers.
So, without further ado, please send me millions of dollars so that I can hire a manager and go practice.
Meanwhile. this is it for my silly blog entry. I WILL go practice now.